LoA Basics - The Law of Attraction

You may have heard a lot about The Law of Attraction lately or (LoA) in books, blogs, social media, and videos. It seems to be everyone, but what does it really mean? If I just really, really want something it'll just come to me? ...We'll, yeah, kinda.

The Law of Attraction was made most popular in today's culture in it's newest informational incarnation, the book and movie, The Secret. But way before that in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

But what is The Law of Attraction really and is it real or woo woo none-sense (in the words of Marie Forleo)? In this post we are going to get into The Basics that are LoA.

LoA has actually been around forever, as have its proponents. Long before today's books and YouTube videos have popularised it. People through the years have simply talked about it without using the term 'Law of Attraction' but it has always existed and has always been the same thing. But the best way to describe it is what Norman Vincent Peale calls in his wildly popular book, The Power of Positive Thinking. But why is it so hard to figure out, and more importantly, how do you harness it?

Well, here's the thing, to use it properly, you first have to understand it. So here goes, in a nutshell...

First, most proponents of LoA do believe that you attract everything that happens to you, good or bad. This is both the back bone of LoA and the primary issue for most people hearing about it for the first time. It's difficult to get your heard around the concept. Although, even the so-called "experts" vary in their opinions on this point to some extent, which I'll discuss later.

Now, it's easy to get to this point and tap out saying "You're crazy if you think I want to be broke (or sick, etc.)!" And yeah, you're right. I would be crazy t think you want anything bad to happen to you. Realistically we can assume (under most circumstances) that no one wants anything bad to happen to them. So, here's where the confusion comes in, and here's where I can help to un-confuse things a bit. If you're attracting something to you, it doesn't mean you want it.

Let me say that again. If you are attracting something to you, it does not mean you want it. It simply means you somehow have rooted into your mind that it's what you expect. It's your reality.

Let's take money as an example as wealth and abundance (or lack thereof) is a huge focus in LoA. Let's say you struggle to pay your rent and basic bills every month, even though you're working really hard. Let's assume for a minute that LoA is right and that you are attracting this to yourself. Does that mean you want that to be happening? No, of course not. But it probably does mean that somewhere, somehow, you have a deep rooted belief of lacking or not having enough within you when it comes to money. Maybe your parents were (decent, hardworking, well-meaning) people who said, "Money doesn't grow on trees," or "There's never enough to go around". If you grew up with these or similar messages and you have them rooted in your subconscious, you may have a belief that this is your reality, and somehow, for you, money is supposed to be scarce and hard to come by. So, that's what you attract as your experience, and your reality. Money is indeed "scarce" and "had to come by," and you never have enough.

Now, just recognising this fact goes a long way towards changing your "energetic vibration," which you hear a lot about when someone's talking about LoA. Your vibration is basically a signal you send out to the universe, and that signal attracts what it matches back to you. So, if you're always worried about and struggling with money, guess what you attract? Yep, more worry and struggle with money.

Does this mean you can just say, "Well, I'll just quit worrying about money then, and things will be fine!"? Not necessarily, while many proponents of LoA would give a resounding "Yes!" to that answer, many would say that for most of us, we need baby steps and practice that will ultimately get us into that mindset.

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