• Palo Santo literally means holy wood and originates from the Native Indians in South America. 


    The fragrance can be described as a warm, wooden and lightly aroma with a sweet touch that sometimes slip trough.


    Pack has 10-15 sticks

    Green Tree Palo Santo Sticks

    SKU: PSANTO-03
    • Origin  Peru
      Net weight 0.1Kg /piece
      Shipping weight 0.1Kg
      Dimensions 24x16x1 (cm), 0,384L, 0,26Kg/L
      Materials / Ingredients Palo Santo
      Barcode 5055796500161


      Origin  Peru
      Net weight 0.05Kg /piece
      Shipping weight 0.05Kg
      Dimensions 24x16x1 (cm), 0.384L, 0.13Kg/L
      Materials / Ingredients Palo Santo
      Barcode 5055796500147


      Origin  Peru
      Net weight 0.026Kg /piece
      Shipping weight 0.025Kg
      Dimensions 20x12x1 (cm), 0,24L, 0,108Kg/L
      Materials / Ingredients Palo Santo
      Barcode 5055796500154



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