• Smudge sticks can be used for cleansing the aura, for example before meditation or prayer.


    Smudging has long been used to connect to the spiritual realm or enhance intuition. Burning sage or smudge can lift your mood it could also be a great great stress reliever.


    The practice of burning or smudging is simple, use a seashell, ceramic bowl, clay or glass dish to hold your burning sage and capture the ash.


    During this process a sharp spicy aroma is released. It’s stronger than its counterpart Palo Santo, although sage is used more often. The original Latin name of this power plant is Salvia Apiana and it grows 100% naturally.



    Whenever you need to re-balance your body or mind. If you are experiencing self-destructive or limiting thoughts and beliefs or feeling emotional such experiencing stress, anxiety, fear, anger, or depression. You can smudge when you want to let go of something in your life or positively want to transform any negative energy that is not for your highest joy. This may be affecting you or your environment. It could be good to smudge your home, office or belongings allowing you to embrace and welcome new positive energies into your life.



    You can smudge to...

    • Balance energy
    • Uplift your mood
    • For self-empowerment
    • To cleanse the energy in a space
    • For protection
    • To attract positive energy to you and your loved ones
    • To let go of negative energy
    • To create or enhance positive energy
    • For healing
    • To assist in manifestation



    Lite the end of your smudge stick until it catches fire the blow it out so just the smoke is being releast. Be very careful, fire safe and ensure you are not near anything that can catch fire or is flamable. Use a fire safe dish to catch all embers.


    Burn your Smudge Stick and let the smoke permeate and cleanse the area. Waft the Smoke with your hand so the smoke cleanses the entire space. Once done, snuff out the embers against an abalone shell ideally, or another fire safe dish and save the rest for later.


    Make sure that a smudge stick is completely out before leaving the area unattended.




    While you are smudging or saging your space, you'll need to set your intentions and focus deeply on them. Make sure that you keep a strong and focused intention in mind.

    Smudge Stick - Cleanse Energy - Mediation - Good VibesDried Herb Bundle


      White Sage can be used to cleanse the energy in your enviornment, kill bacteria, and surround you with positive energy.

      White sage is used to get rid of negative influences & Lavendar is calming and soothing.

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